my new blogging adventure.

Hi everyone.

My name is Cassie, and although I love proper grammar with all of my heart, I don’t like capital letters. The lowercase ones are so much cuter, but for the sake of my integrity I will put up with the capitals. You’re welcome.

So the deal with this blog is that I am going to finally try and keep an active blogging life. I graduated college, and while I am looking for my next adventure I plan to chronicle random bits of everything on this blog.

I’m a girl with far too many passions. Sometimes I’m working on my vinyl record collection, pretending that I’m the punk rock princess that Andrew Mcmahon was singing about back in the days of Something Corporate (if you don’t know who he or the band is, you are missing out. Look them up). Other days I’m the most obsessed baseball fan that you have ever met. I could likely tell you the heights and batting averages of most of the Oakland A’s at most given times. Other times I am bitten by the Wanderlust bug and feel an overwhelming need to get out of my 8-5, get a plane ticket and just go somewhere.

So if you are looking for examples of what you could see on my blog, here are some: mixtapes that I recommend, places I want to travel, recipes I want to try, Things I want to own, or books I like to read.
So if you care to take this adventure with me, welcome.


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