a baseball romance.

So… I am a die-hard Oakland A’s fan. And let me tell you, it is a great time to be an A’s fan right now.

Most of the time when I tell people my team I hear things like “Oh I’m sorry,” or “That sucks,” while hearing cracks about having the lowest payroll in the MLB, or about how the San Francisco Giants had one moment of glory two years ago.

But not right now. We are the most talked about team in baseball. The ones to watch. The Cinderella story of July. The most walk-offs in baseball this year (it’s 12, in case you didn’t know).

Jason O. Watson/Getty Images

I’ll be the first to admit that I was wrong. In the off-season, the trades started to feel like too much. I honestly thought that this was a throw-away year that would turn into a cry for help. I said good-bye to all of the All-Stars and team favorites (once again), and I honestly was ready to cash in for the season before it even started. However, I didn’t. I still watched and read because that is what being a fan is about – still loving and believing when logic tells you not to. It is still being a fan despite year after year of heartbreak and finishing in third in the division.

Rather than a “band of misfits,” I think that this year will end up being about the youth movement. Giving the youngsters a chance this year has really paid off for the A’s. The average age of the team is 28.

It’s the much-anticipated “Moneyball” sequel, debuting a decade later. This month I feel like I have witnessed the impossible.

To start the month, we just swept a little team called the Boston Red Sox, outscoring them 12-5 over three-games. And then, as usual, we sent our lone representative to the All Star game.

The break came and went, and the A’s came back with a new perspective and fresh game. Mid July, the Athletics did something that rarely happens. They swept the Bronx Bombers, the team that attempts to pay for wins. The highest salaried team against the lowest. Two players on the Yankees roster (Alex Rodruguez at $30 million and CC Sabathia at $23.5 million) make more than the entire A’s roster that is capped at $53 million. And not only did the Yanks get swept, the got swept in four games.

The A’s have a 19-4 record in July, and have recorded seven walk-off wins. Every day more and more it amazes me what this team can do.

“It’s hard not to be romantic about baseball,” – Moneyball

I can’t wait to see what this team is going to do with the rest of the season.

– earthtocassie


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