monday must-reads.

1. Wanderlust: A Love Affair With Five Continents

I read this book in a day. It was so easy to read and was endlessly entertaining. Elisabeth Eaves documents her insatiable wanderlust and travel through the span of 15 years. Her lust begins when she is a sophomore in college, and follows her through her crisscrossing of five continents, some of her adventures lasting long periods of time. Her love for travel is often intertwined with her love affairs with men in each of the places that she calls home for a minute. It is a journey of Eaves traveling through continents, but also about traveling to find herself. It is a definite must read for anyone who loves traveling, or is searching for themselves.

2. Love Is A Mix Tape

According to Rob Sheffield, a writer for Rolling Stone magazine, memories and music are inextricably linked. Throughout this journey of mix tapes, Sheffield’s memoir shows us a different side of himself. The book starts out with Sheffield as a grad student, and a fellow student named Renee, talking about a song. Quickly enough they were a couple, living together in a cheap apartment, and sharing their mix tapes. Music brought them together and kept them together, they were married soon after they met. Tragically, Sheffield’s life with Renee was cut short, and he was left with just the mix tapes to save him. This memoir is witty, heart-breaking, but beautifully written. Everyone should read it. Like right now. I’m serious. Go get it.

3. The Fault in Our Stars

Well I am sure that any of you who generally read these posts knew that this was coming, since I am quite obviously obsessed with John Green. I honestly don’t think that there is a thing he could write that I wouldn’t like. Read them all. This novel follows the life of a Hazel who was diagnosed with Stage IV thyroid cancer at the age of 13. At a young age she was prepared to die, but at the age of 14 a miracle was able to shrink the tumors in her lungs. Now, as a 16-year-old, Hazel is over everything. Of course, along comes a boy. Augustus Waters. Hazel meets Augustus, a gorgeous fellow cancer kid in remission, at a support group. Augustus forces hazel to re-examine how sickness, health, life and death will define her.

4. Will Grayson, Will Grayson

As expected, another John Green is making it onto my list. This time, John Green pairs with another bestselling author David Levithan to write this insightful and clever collaborative. The story is about a cold night where two teens, both named Will Grayson, cross paths on a Chicago corner. After they meet, both of them find their lives taking interesting and unexpected turns. Both Will Graysons dabble in romantic endeavors, all while an epic high school musical is being created, produced and getting ready to open.

5. Eat, Pray, Love

I loved this book, and I loved this movie. Elizabeth Gilbert had everything an American woman in her early thirties would want. She had a successful career, a country home and a husband, but instead of feeling happy about it, she was panicked and confused by everything in her life. One night she found herself on the bathroom floor of her home, and decided that night to leave it all behind in search of happiness. She set out to examine three different parts of herself in three different countries – Italy, India and Bali.

Happy reading, and happy Monday!



One thought on “monday must-reads.

  1. Just finished The Fault in Our Stars, and I must say John Green almost made me tear up while on my lunch this afternoon! Great read! I’ve got another of your suggestions waiting for me at the library right now.

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