monday must-reads.

Since I have been in love with Harry Potter since I was 11, it’s really difficult for me to jump on any literary bandwagons that have followed my most beloved series. It took me until after a movie was made to read any of the Twilight books, and The Hunger Games was no exception. It took until after the DVD came out, and me owning the books since March for me to finally decide to see what all the hype was about.

On Friday I started to read the first in the series. By the end of the day I had finished it. I was completely hooked. Now, I will preface any more praise of The Hunger Games by saying that nothing will ever be as good as Harry Potter, but I devoured this trilogy. I see why this book has become a best seller. It’s so easy to read, and it captures your attention. Three books in three days.

As far as these young adult series goes, The Hunger Games is beneath Harry Potter, but so much above Twilight that it is refreshing that something feels like it has surpasses the silly obsession with sparkling vampires and weak, pathetic girls.

So this week’s monday must-reads is The Hunger Games trilogy.

1. The Hunger Games 

2. Catching Fire

3. Mockingjay
Happy Reading!

5 thoughts on “monday must-reads.

  1. Yes, Hunger Games series is way better than Twilight. Katniss is such a bigger person than Bella. I thought the book was better than the movie though. I was also sad by the time I finished Mockingjay. Maybe because of what happened in the story, or maybe because I was so hooked and it was over so suddenly.

    • Yes, exactly! I think that Bella isn’t a strong female character. She is helpless and can’t function without Edward, and while it may be a love story, I think that Katniss/Peeta is a far better love story. They had to fight to be together, whereas Bella just waited for Edward to come to her. I think that even in Harry Potter, JK Rowling told a better story than Twilight simply with the Snape/Lily story.

  2. I’m about half way through the last book Mockingjay and love the whole series, I’ll be very sad to see it end. What makes the book very real to me, is that I just finished a book called Half the Sky: Turning Oppression into Opportunity for Women Worldwide. The PBS show Independent Lens will have a related documentary airing early October,

    Reading Mockingjay after finishing Half the Sky, I’m convinced its the same message. How can people of privilege, such as us in the USA, ignore the plight of others suffering to provide us the luxuries we enjoy (gold, precious metals, electronics, clothes)? Well this isn’t the actual focus of the Half the Sky book, but the connection is stark to me. I am wondering if anyone has that connection?

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