craft corner: harry potter bookshelf.

When my dad was packing up the house to move, there were two hanging shelves in his room that I couldn’t let him throw away. Originally he and my mom used to use them as decorative shelves that would house trinkets and framed photos over their bed, but I generally just end up throwing crap on any empty shelves that I have, so I knew that I wouldn’t be using them in that way. I thought maybe I could re-do them and turn them into hanging bookshelves.

Supplies Needed:

1. Bookshelf or shelves you want to make into a bookshelf

2. Spray Paint (if you aren’t happy with original color)

3. Silver (or other metallic colored) Sharpie

My shelves were originally a dark maple brown, which matches exactly nothing in my room. So my first plan of action was to spray paint them black so that they would blend better in my room.

You can see a little bit of the original brown showing through the black on the insides of the shelves. This is an incomplete one that I have to finish painting.

Once I let the shelf dry overnight, I added a second coat of spray paint. I used a glossy black that I got at WalMart for like $3.95. Each of the two shelves took a full can.

I decided that I also wanted to add something to my shelf to make it unique, so I decided that I would write the first chapter (or at least as much as would fit) of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone in metallic silver sharpie. Once I place the books in the shelf you won’t see all of it, but I thought maybe I could leave a few shelves empty or something.

It’s pretty time consuming to hand-write a whole chapter, but I am really happy with the way that the first shelf turned out, and I am excited to get started on the second one.

Happy crafting! 🙂


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