a humbling month.

Well, it’s been a month since I last posted – And it’s been a month of humbling experience.

I have now been at my new position as a public relations professional for a month now, and I absolutely love it. It’s crazy. It’s caffeinated. It’s hectic. But it’s everything I have wanted since I started college.

I have been living what I like to call the “gypsy” life. Since I got my new job, and was still tangled into a lease with two other people depending on me for my portion of the rent, I finished up the month of July sleeping on a couch bed and living out of my obnoxiously touristy Union Jack suitcase that I bought in London last year. Not to mention, sharing the space of less than 900 square feet with two other people (my dad and my sister).

All of my things were still in my apartment in Sacramento (and still are for another week or two), as was my cat Shadow. I spent all my weekends this month going back and forth to Sacramento to do laundry, repack my suitcase and begin the long process of putting my life into boxes for the fourth time in two years.

Also, my new job is in San Jose – home of rent too high for anyone besides Google and Facebook employees to afford. And my humble little couch bed resides in Livermore. Although the 30 miles difference isn’t all the huge during weekends and late nights – the commute represents a large problem to the effect of two hours in a car if I was brave enough to drive it.

Thankfully, I live the commuter train life, and am currently writing this blog post from a not-so-comfy seat and watching the Niles Canyon pass by. I spend four hours a day commuting.

Overall, the point of this blog post is to discuss how humbled I have felt over this past month. I have learned to live on little. Little amounts of clothes (enough only that fit in a suitcase). The couch bed lifestyle isn’t the most comfortable, but it is enough for now. The commuting, which has actually given me time to read and be able to keep an internship with a book publishing that I have loved for almost a year now.

Now that I am moving my things out of my perfect townhouse that is only $1500 a month (split into three) in Sacramento, I am moving into a 5X10 storage unit in good old Livermore, and I am calling the couch my more permanent home until I can find a place in San Jose:

1. That I can afford. Or.

2. A roommate to split the ridiculous amount of rent.

I am just going to call this my silver lining. And to quote (and augment) a Jack’s Mannequin lyric – I never thought I’d be living on your couch, but the rents are high and the Bay Area is easy.



One thought on “a humbling month.

  1. Cassie, what can I say that has not already bee said? Your talent and life experiences far exceed your years. This “humbling month” is so well written and one can read between the lines as to how you are feeling right now. Remember I have always told you “One is never given or dealt more then they can handle” – things will work in your favor just wait it out and keep WRITING and don’t give up on your dreams. – Grandma

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