twenty. fourteen.

It’s been about a million years since I have slowed down and had a moment to write even the slightest thing on my blog. But I wanted to attempt to start off 2014 by writing and posting more. I hate New Year’s resolutions, so I attempted to come up with a list of goals that are attainable. Here goes. 🙂 



1. To let go of my family issues and realize I can’t change them. 
2. Go meatless three times a week. 
3. To stop fixating. 
4. To finish the novel I started in November. 
5. To record great moments in a jar to open next New Year’s Eve. 
6. To explore at least one city, state or country I’ve never been. 
7. To be a better friend, including making more of an effort with far away friends. 
8. To get promoted at work. 
9. To give up beer, and attempt a healthier lifestyle.

And of course, 10. To blog more often.

What are your 2014 goals?


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