on new york city.

So I fell in love a lot these past four days. I fell in love with buildings (big surprise there) and a borough and Broadway (actually off-Broadway but that isn’t important) and a band.  Oh, hey. Those all start with B’s!

Anyway, the architecture in NYC is beyond anything. I think I will have always missed my calling to study architecture because I always get attached to buildings and structures and consider them to be romantic. But let me tell you. There is nothing like looking at the Chrysler Building lit up at night. It is probably the most beautiful building in the world (except for Big Ben, for me). For 11 months before the Empire State Building was built, the Chrysler Building was the tallest building in the world. Today, it is still the world’s tallest brick building.


photo credit: 500px.com


The buildings in NYC all are unique, and even simple apartment buildings are masterpieces. I still can’t get over it. I got to visit Top of The Rock during my visit and I was able to get a great panorama of the city (more pictures in a blog to follow!).

nyc-panI always thought that when I visited New York City finally that I would be obsessed with Manhattan and the Upper East Side. Yes, I absolutely loved Manhattan, and I loved my visit to the FIVE STORY Tiffany & Co. that Audrey Hepburn filmed at, but Brooklyn really stuck with me. I absolutely loved the vibe of Brooklyn, and the bridge was perfection.

brooklynOkay, so BROADWAY. I knew that I would like the show that we had chosen to go to “Potted Potter” because clearly I have an obsession with all things Harry Potter, and I have been obsessed since I was 11, but I had no idea that it would be my favorite part of the trip. “Potted Potter” is a 70-minute condensed parody of all seven Harry Potter books performed by two guys, Dan & Jeff. It was probably the funniest thing I have ever experienced in my life. So funny that I was crying for most of the 70 minutes, and I considered taking in a matinee of the same show the next day. There was even a live game of Quidditch, and if that doesn’t excite you, then you must be a muggle.

pottedAnd finally I fell in love with a band. Imagine Dragons. Normally, I am not a girl who is interested in the mainstream, but sometimes the mainstream gets it right. And Imagine Dragons is completely worth all of the hype and radio air time. I got the opportunity to see them live. For free. In Central Park. On Good Morning America. Three rows back. Yes. It was completely worth waking up at three in the morning, getting a cab and sitting in the dark for two hours and waiting for the sun to come up. Not only do they sound just as good live (better, actually) as they do on their album, but their use of drums is incredible. If you don’t listen to them, I highly recommend you start doing so.

imagineThat is my very condensed version of my trip to NYC. I am going to do a separate blog post about my stop at Ground Zero on the Fourth of July, so look out for that. 🙂



if i complain about being bored the rest of 2013…

Please feel free to remind me of this blog post.

My life summarized quickly in the next five months.


  • May 19 – Jimmy Eat world at BFD
  • June 9 – The Maine
  • June 16 – Fall Out Boy
  • June 22 – Warped Tour
  • July 3-7 – New York City
  • July 13 – A’s game
  • August 1-3 – VidCon in LA
  • August 4 – Disneyland
  • August 27 – Ed Sheeran/Taylor Swift
  • September 13-15 – Riot Fest in Chicago
  • September 21 – Fall Out Boy
  • September 22 – A’s game
  • October (first weekish) – Train trip to Nebraska/Iowa
  • November 27-30 – Oregon


i’ve got a ringing in my ear.

And it hasn’t gone away since Saturday night. Along with the ringing in my ear, I also have a speaker burn on my left knee, a bruised collar bone and a sore elbow. I feel like I got beat up. But I guess I came looking for a fight as I walked into Chain Reaction to watch The Wonder Years final installment of their epic 24-Hour Tour.

twy  In support of their newest album The Greatest Generation (out tomorrow), the band started out their tour in Philly on Friday night, immediately packed up and performed at 1 a.m. in New York, hopped on a flight and performed in Chicago at 10 a.m. on Saturday morning, and then boarded a flight to Anaheim for the fourth show in 24 hours.


There was a three-hour delay for the flight from Chicago to Southern California, so by the time the band took the stage it was close to 10:30 p.m. and I had never been front row to a show that had no barricade between the audience and the band. I had my hands on the stage, and then the music started and so did the kicks to the head. It was the liveliest, craziest, most dedicated fan base that I have ever witnessed at a show (and I’ve been to more than I can count).



While I was sure that I was going to suffocate during most of the show, I couldn’t stay angry at the people constantly pressed into my body or pushing over my head because with all of the breath left in me, I was screaming the words to each song. There was a point in the show where I had so many people climbing up my back behind me that I couldn’t see anything except for Soupy’s feet, and I held onto him to keep my face from being pushed into the stage. And there was also just one perfect moment where he was singing in front of me and I was actually able to lift my head and look at him, I had my hand on his chest and he held the microphone down right near me and the girl next to me and I just screamed the words into it. It was epic.



I have this weird pride I am carrying around about the fact that I was one of probably less than 300 people in California who got to hear three of The Greatest Generation’s songs live three days before the album was even released. And the album is flawless. Front to back perfection.

Do yourself a favor and listen to it all the way through, in order.

Stand outs for me:

  • There, There
  • Dismantling Summer
  • A Raindance in Traffic
  • I Just Want To Sell Out My Funeral

Let’s be real… I have a soft spot for all of them.

Here’s a video from the show, too. So you can pretend you are front row with me. 🙂



P.S. This show was so good that I can’t even articulate it into a blog post, so I am sorry that this sucks. It just needed to be documented.

P.S.S If you are interested, you should buy the new album while you are at it. I promise you it will be the best $9.99 you have ever spent. Ever.




– earthtocassie

nearly a year later.

gradThinking of those words really makes me cringe. I graduated college almost a year ago. I repeat, I graduated almost A YEAR ago. And what have I accomplished? Well, I became a gold card holder at Starbucks. Does that count for something?

I know that at some point everyone has to grow up. I realize that. But does that mean that I have to fall into complacency? I think I have hit this wall of adulthood, and you know what? I am not feeling it.

I have this urge to run away and go explore, but at the same time I am terrified of quitting anything. I have never been unemployed. I have worked from the moment I turned 16, so the idea of having nothing to come back to scares me. I don’t have the option of moving home because in short, I have no family home. So I don’t even know how feasible my running away would be considering that I would have no home base.

I also have been considering grad school because to be honest I miss school. I miss deadlines and papers. I miss meeting new people and being thrown into group projects which force you to talk to each other. Those are the exact things I dreaded when I was in college, and here I am a year later waxing poetic about them. But in retrospect, I am also the girl that wrote 50,000 words in 30 days. So I guess I am a glutton for punishment.

I guess I am just in this rut because I have always known what I wanted to do. And for once in my life, I don’t have any clue. I never struggled with what my major would be. I joined a sorority. I was an editor on the school paper. I was in two honor societies. I was in the PRSSA. I was an intern with the River Cats. I just always had something I was working toward. But now what is there? An 8-5. And that is it. I don’t have a kid on the way or a husband, like a lot of people I graduated with. Hell, I don’t even have a boyfriend.

I just miss having something new every day. Am I always going to feel this way?


End rant.




P.S. If you can relate to any of this rant, then I have the perfect song for you.

our hearts are heavy burdens we shouldn’t have to bear alone.

Yesterday I watched video clips of my Dad’s heart regaining blood flow after a heart attack. It was surreal, and eye-opening.

And although my Dad is okay, and he is going to be okay, this whole experience has further opened my eyes to how precious life is. And how quickly things can happen. I was having breakfast with him on President’s Day, and five days later I get a call that he is in the emergency room.

dadWhen you are younger, you never think of your parents as anything less that invincible heroes that have no kryptonite. Over my 24 years, I have watched my Dad fix everything. When anything was broken, I called my Dad. I skinned my knee on the concrete? Dad had a band-aid at the ready. My car broke down? My Dad was there waiting as the tow-truck pulled in and he fixed it without a second word. My heart was broken? My Dad held me until I ran out of tears.

Even when it came to himself, I watched my Dad go through some of the hardest things that life could throw at you, and he came out of them a better person. Always stronger. dad2

This weekend I watched my hero turn into a human. I have never taken my Dad for granted a day in my life, and I never will. He is literally the strongest person I have ever met, and I am so lucky to have him as my Dad.

P.S. (My wise words for the day) – Any time you feel “I love you” pulling at your lips, just say it. Don’t miss a chance to tell someone you love them. Seriously. Just don’t hold it in.


brainstorming my character.

Today I was inspired by my little, Tabitha (tabithateacup.wordpress.com) to write this post. As I am going through the editing process of my first manuscript, I am finding it difficult to keep parts of myself and people I know out of my story, and I thought that on that note I would follow my little’s lead and brainstorm who I am as a person. Not who I want to be, or who I think I am, but actual facts about the person that I am.


So I am Cassie. I am 24 years old… And it literally kills me to write that number out. I have been 24 for 11 days now, and it’s sinking in that I am almost nearly halfway through my twenties and I am terrified because I am nowhere near where or who I thought I’d be at this age.

I’m pretty much a walking contradiction, and not just like those stupid Starburst commercials.  I majored in Public Relations, but I am hopelessly awkward. I live for music, but I have not a single musically talented bone in my body. I want to write books and have people want to read them, but I am terrified of rejection and having people I know read the words that I poured my heart into.

I feel like pop-punk music has the ability to define me, but I also really think that I should have been a teenager in the 80s. I cry when people are happy. I sometimes think my cat is a person, but I think that’s okay because I’ve had him for a lot longer than most people have been in my life. I miss my sister daily. I’m sort of oddly afraid of vacuums and blow dryers, but I love the sound of loud music. Sometimes I really think that I take people into account too much, rather than thinking about myself.

Harry Potter is my small way of holding on to my childhood when everything was less complicated. I have a little trouble believing in love because few things in my life have told me not to. I miss having a place to call home besides my apartment. I constantly worry that people are moving forward and that I will get left behind.

When I was younger, my sister and I would watch Dirty Dancing like once a day, sometimes more than that. I’m glad that I get to talk to my Mom every day again, and I honestly think that my Dad is one of the most incredible human beings that I have ever met.  Also, I just cried a little writing that sentence.

I’m addicted to vinyls, typewriters and the romantic notion of mixtapes because I yearn for a less hostile/violent world, and the past always seems like it was better than the present. I love daisies because they were my Grandma’s favorite and I always feel like when I see them she is smiling at me. I think about running away constantly, but know that I never actually could.

I love the feeling just before the plane takes off on a trip, and I love fictional characters too much sometimes because I know that they will never break my heart. I listen to songs on repeat, and I have an overwhelming fear of ending up alone.

Also, for some reason I am scared to post this, but I am going to do it any way for that exact reason.

Thank you little for inspiring this post. http://tabithateacup.wordpress.com/2013/01/14/brainstorming-your-own-character/

It’s been awhile…

I realized that I have not posted at all in 2013 and I just wanted to take the time to say hi. I always thought that New Year’s resolutions were stupid, mostly because they were always sort of meant to be broken. But nine days into the New Year, I think I can set a list of goals that could be construed as “resolutions” but they are actually meant to be completed.


  • Participate more. (Try and say yes more when it comes to new adventures).
  • Get at least one stamp in my passport this year.
  • Finish editing my novel.
  • Blog on Wallflowers more often.
  • Read 60 books.
  • Be published.
  • Start my next novel.
  • Participate in NaNoWriMo again.
  • Create a videoblog regularly.

What are your 2013 goals?